We can boast thousands of orders, hundreds of regular customers and millions of advertising lanyards produced. Wide range of advertising lanyards, excellent material.


We are one of the largest and most experienced manufacturers of advertising lanyards in Poland. Many years of experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and lanyards of Polish production.


Our production hall is equipped with plotters from reputable companies as well as roll and flatbed presses. We take care of every detail in the manufactured lanyard, or keychain. Check us out and see for yourself the highest quality.

A wide range of advertising lanyards:

double lanyard
tubular lanyards
plain lanyards
double-sided print
one-sided print
short lanyards
screen printing lanyard

Manufacturer of advertising lanyards – full production facilities

As manufacturers of advertising lanyards, we make sure that our production is equipped with the highest quality equipment.

We own plotters and presses that reliable companies have manufactured. In addition, we make sure that the equipment we own undergoes regular technical inspections. Thanks to these procedures, we provide customers with fast service. We are able to complete orders up to 72 hours after placing the order. To meet expectations - we prepare a free quote for you within 24 hours.

Manufacturer of advertising lanyards – reliable order fulfillment

We know that only through reliability in fulfilling the terms of the contract with the customer we can count on long-term, permanent cooperation. We suggest the best solutions and help you choose the optimal type and make the design so that the manufactured advertising lanyards appeal to customers and properly fulfill their role.

Advertising lanyards - recipients:

advertising agencies
trade fair organizers
promotional, marketing agencies
trainingand conference organizers
offices, state institutions
event organizers
sports clubs
small, medium and large companies

If you are looking for a suitable manufacturer of advertising lanyards with a well-established position in the local market and adequate technological facilities:

Advertising lanyard, is one of the most popular advertising gadgets.

Carefully crafted, they make an ideal gift for a potential contractor or loved one. They help to store various things, such as keys, flash drives, or even a phone. They are also perfect for trade shows or other business meetings, where you can easily recognize your employees.

Advertising lanyards can be worn by people of all ages

It is versatile enough to be used as a styling element of an outfit. As a manufacturer of advertising lanyards, we guarantee you that our products are exceptional in terms of durability, both in terms of the material they are made of and the clasp.

We have a qualified team that is eager to work with you and is always there to advise you. Our team will become your team and create advertising materials for you that you never even dreamed of.

We produce custom lanyards, on which we can print any graphics.

The manufacturer of lanyards should know the tastes of its customers, as well as their individual needs, Only then can provide the highest level of service. We meet your expectations - we find solutions that allow you to create interesting lanyards with a small investment.
As a manufacturer of advertising gadgets, we know very well what it is to properly promote your services. We understand that advertising gadgets play a huge role in the promotion of any company. Company lanyards are an ideal way to tangibly and visually advertise a particular company.

We have long-term experience, which translates into quality and speed of customer service. What arouses admiration in the eyes of our customers is our cooperation with recognized companies in various industries.

We are at your service if you are interested in promoting your own business.

Company lanyards will be a great way to implement this plan.

The lanyard will come in handy at a corporate, sports or promotional event, not only as a gift for the guests who come, but also as a practical carrier of personal business cards of those who are responsible for the service.

Each project is made for a specific customer

Price & Lead Time

Attractive prices and fast turnaround time set us apart from other companies.

Time & Flexibility

If you are pressed for time and have a specific budget to make the mentioned gadget, do not delay. Contact the customer service department.


We are sure to find a convenient solution for you while maximizing product


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